Where to Find Flared Tube Fittings in Canada

If you’re looking for high-quality flared tube fittings that ensure safe and efficient operation, look no further! Hy-Lok Canada offers quality fluid system components that are suitable for any project. We have been manufacturing and supplying superior fluid system components across North America since 1977 and have gained the trust of many partners. Our fluid system components are manufactured using top-quality materials that give the components the strength and durability you need.

At Hy-Lok, we understand that when it comes to making connections, you must carefully use a fitting that will provide you with a tight and leak-free seal. While some applications use flare fittings, others work better with flareless fittings. Read on to learn more about flareless and flared tube fittings.

Flareless Tube Fittings:

Flareless fittings also referred to as bite-type, single ferrule fittings or compression fittings, use a single ferrule and a nut to create a connection. As the name suggests, flareless fittings do not require the tube to be flared and, therefore, can be used with a wide variety of tubing types. While flareless tube fittings are ideal for systems with high vibration, they aren’t best suited for high-pressure applications.

Flareless tube fittings are mainly used to connect tubings to threaded parts such as valves and tools. Because flareless tube fittings don’t require the tube end to be flared, they are a better solution for thicker tubing. They are best suited for applications that involve:

  • High vibration levels
  • No gas or high pressures
  • Little movement
  • Large tube diameters

Flared Tube Fittings:

Flare fittings are designed with a tapered end that fits into a flared piece of tubing. The fitting is secured in place with a sleeve and a threaded nut to produce a leak-tight and pressure-resistant seal. Before using a flare fitting, you must first flare the tubing by busting a mandrel, rolling cone or pneumatic flaring tools.

Flared tube fittings are commonly used across North America because it’s a simple construction process. They are compatible with a variety of applications, especially high-pressure hydraulic applications. They are best suited for applications that involve:

  • Gas
  • Movement
  • High pressures
  • Low to medium vibration levels

Hy-Lok Flared Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok’s SAE 37º flare fitting series is also commonly known as O-ring boss (ORB) or Joint Industry Council (JIC) fittings. The 37º stainless steel flare fitting is among the most durable and reliable flared tube fitting in North America, as it can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Our flared tube fittings are designed to work for many applications used in agricultural equipment, research facilities, instrumentation and more! We also offer custom-manufactured flared tube fittings that are perfectly engineered for your unique needs.

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