What Are the Benefits of Oxygen Cleaned Fittings?

Workplaces specializing in chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, steelmaking, and other industries that use pressurized oxygen must maintain a clean, safe environment for their employees. Oxygen-cleaning pipe fittings is one of the many safety protocols facilities can take to properly maintain their piping systems and equipment.

At Hy-Lok, we understand the importance of clean, contaminant-free equipment. We not only manufacture and sell oxygen-cleaned fittings but also provide oxygen-cleaning services to our customers. Performing such regular maintenance will ensure you get as much utility from our fittings as possible.

Below, we’ll detail the benefits of oxygen-cleaned fittings and how they can improve your work environment’s overall productivity and safety. Keep reading to learn more!

Increases the Safety of Your Facility

The piping in most pressurized oxygen systems, constructed of metals and metal alloys, is highly susceptible to ignition due to the heat caused by liquid or gas compression. If your fittings aren’t regularly cleaned, the oxygen and metal components may react with greases, oils, or other similar substances, which could cause a fire and possible explosion. 

Therefore, regularly cleaning fittings and other equipment attached to your piping system will ensure your facility is free of fire hazards, and the area of operation is safe for workers.

Enhances Equipment Performance

As piping systems are continuously used, certain contaminants will gather inside the fittings attached to your pipes. Oxygen cleaning your fittings will prevent them from leaking or gaining a sticky surface, better ensuring the performance and longevity of your equipment, and will also delay the need for replacement parts. 

Helps Prevent Corrosion 

If metal piping equipment like fittings doesn’t receive regular maintenance, the chemical reaction between the material and the substances flowing through the pipes (water, oils, etc) can cause the fittings to corrode over time. If left untreated, they will fall into disrepair and need replacing. 

As mentioned above, oxygen-cleaned fittings will wear much better over time than fittings that aren’t properly or regularly cleaned. Activating a pressurized oxygen system with rusted fittings can put your entire operation at risk, stalling your work’s progress rate and causing a potential safety hazard. 

Improves Compliance with Industry Standards

Many industries that use pressurized oxygen systems require companies to use an oxygen-cleaning service. This is often required to maintain equipment safety, prevent bacterial growth within the system, and ensure the processes for which the equipment is used are running smoothly.

Companies in food service, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and similar industries can better comply with industry standards by oxygen-cleaning their equipment fittings. 

Following such cleaning standards will allow you to continue operations without the risk of failing safety inspections, which may otherwise result in a temporary or indefinite shutdown of your facility.

Maintain A Safe Work Environment with Hy-Lok’s Oxygen-Cleaned Fittings 

Oxygen cleaning your pipe fittings offers various benefits, from enhanced workplace safety to long-term equipment use. At Hy-Lok, we provide oxygen-cleaned fittings according to Canada’s ASTM G 93 cleaning standards to enhance their utility 

The fittings required for your piping system can be found in our catalogue and the Products section of our website. Contact us directly via phone or email for more information about oxygen-cleaned equipment and services.

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