Superior Quick Connectors with Hy-Lok Canada

Fluid systems in various industries rely on quick connectors for quick-connect fittings that enable fast, simple operation. From gas distribution to laboratory and biopharmaceutical applications, quick connectors engineered to minimize spillage and air inclusion are a vital component in operations across many industrial sectors.

For over 40 years, Hy-Lok has been committed to engineering fittings for customers across Canada, including the gas distribution, instrumentation, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our quick connectors’ unmatched quality makes Hy-Lok the clear choice for operations from coast to coast, no matter the application. Read on to discover the benefits of Hy-Lok quick connectors, and how they can add value to your organization’s next project.

Quick Connectors for Any Application

Hy-Lok Q and QF Series Quick Connectors are designed and manufactured to meet performance requirements in a wide variety of fields and industries. No matter the temperature and pressure conditions in your fluid system, Hy-Lok engineered components are up to the task.

Q and QF Series Quick Connectors are crafted from brass or 316 stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and extended operating life. We also offer several options for O-ring materials, including Viton, NBR, Kalrez, Neoprene and Ethylene Propylene. Our high-performance design minimizes spillage and air inclusion while delivering full flow without orifice restriction. No matter what industry or application, Hy-Lok quick connectors bring reliable, leak-free performance to any operation.

Quality You Can Rely On

In order to ensure long-lasting performance for our customers, all Hy-Lok diaphragm valves undergo rigorous testing. By the time our products reach our customers, they have been verified to be 100% leak-free and ready to meet your operation’s most demanding requirements. Backed by warranty and extensive customer service and support, Hy-Lok quick connectors can be relied on to perform in the most challenging environments while remaining a cost-effective solution for your operation.

Additionally, Hy-Lok quick connectors are fully compatible with a wide variety of other fluid system components. While some fitting suppliers may discourage you from mixing and matching, Hy-Lok components are 100% interchangeable with equivalent Swagelok, Parker, Hoke, and TOMCO parts. No matter what your fluid system is currently using, you can make the switch and experience the Hy-Lok difference today.

Built for Canada

Our components aren’t the only thing ready to meet for the demands of Canadian industry. A nationwide network of distributors ensures Hy-Lok components are available on-demand for operations across Canada and around the world. With expedited shipping available, your business can rely on Hy-Lok to supply quality fluid system components quickly and efficiently to keep your next project running.

Ready to Discover the Hy-Lok Difference?

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