Single Block and Bleed Valves You Can Trust with Hy-Lok Canada

If your fluid system needs positive isolation (blocking off a fluid line with the ability to “bleed” it out) for repair and maintenance processes, you likely need a block and bleed valves. Especially in these critical processes, reliable block and bleed valves play a large role in equipment, facility, and worker safety. When choosing the components your operation uses for these critical tasks, you need a name you can trust

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has proudly offered one of the largest inventories of top-quality valves and fittings in North America. Discover our diverse range of single block and bleed valves below, as well as how our Hy-Lok Canada delivers quality, performance, and value for our customers.

Complete Block and Bleed Valve Solutions

Hy-Lok Canada’s GV and GRV series block and bleed valves come in a one-piece assembly for easy installation, maintenance, and replacement. They feature standardized NPT pipe threads in a wide range of standard sizes suitable for any fluid system or process.

Hy-Lok also offers bespoke custom valves and for unique applications and use cases. With a comprehensive range of standard and exotic materials, temperature/pressure ratings, and performance specifications available, Hy-Lok Canada proudly provides high-quality, durable valves engineered for seamless integration into any fluid system.

Finally, for operations looking to add value to their existing fluid systems, Hy-Lok Canada components are engineered for 100% compatibility with Swagelok, McMaster-Carr, S-Lok, and Bi-Lok equivalents. We strive to manufacture components that allow our customers to effortlessly transition to Hy-Lok’s value-adding valves without having to worry about performance or cost factors. If your company needs valves and fittings that deliver superior performance at a highly competitive price point, Hy-Lok’s single block and bleed valves offer an unrivalled combination of reliability and value for any operation.

Built to Serve Canadian Industry

Hy-Lok Canada’s expanding nationwide network of distributors allows us to be a dependable fittings supplier for Canadian industry leaders from coast to coast. Our North American-leading selection and inventory allows us to quickly and efficiently distribute top-quality parts, no matter how tight the deadline. With expedited shipping and comprehensive inventory management services, your operation can depend on Hy-Lok to supply value-adding valves and fittings for operations across Canada.

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