Product Spotlight: Hy-Lok’s AM Series Air Manifold

Hy-Lok is proud to introduce the newly engineered AM Series Air Manifold. This manifold is perfect for various applications and can work to deliver the best and most reliable performance for all applications. Read on to learn more about Hy-Lok’s AM Series Air Manifold.

What is the AM Series Air Manifold Used For?

The AM Series Air Manifold is used to connect valves in a system to ensure seamless air distribution. These components are integral to the construction of a system as the manifold works as the heart of the system, ensuring that multiple components interlink.

These manifolds can also be configured to our customer’s specifications. If your application requires different configurations to ensure smooth and seamless use, Hy-Lok can work with you to determine the best air manifold for the job. Hy-Lok offers single and double side configurations, as well as various other options for customization.

High-Performance Design

As a significant element of any air system, it is vital that your air manifold can withstand the pressure. The AM Series Air Manifold is created with high-performance in mind and can deliver in some of the most demanding systems. This manifold has a pressure rating of 5000psig (340bar) at 100°F(39°C).

Using high-quality material is essential for creating a high-performance manifold. Hy-Lok has engineered the AM Series Air Manifold with materials such as CS, SS, Alloy, and other durable materials to ensure top-quality. Made for greatness and reliability, the AM Series Air Manifold is a component you want on your side for safety and efficiency every time.

Partner With the Industry Experts

Hy-Lok has been working since 1977 to manufacture the most innovative and efficient fluid systems components on the market. We are proud to be industry leaders and have worked to build one of the most robust inventories in North America.

Our vision for ensuring safety for our customers is at the forefront of what we do. All of our products are tested and meet industry standards and specifications. We make sure that you use components designed for your application and that are easy to integrate.

Ready to Get Started?

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