Pipe Plugs: Quality That’s Built To Last

Clients looking for pipe plugs that meet precise quality standards, and that are built to last, turn to Hy-Lok. We have the right selection of pipe plugs, valves and fittings to ensure that clients’ operations remain at optimal productivity. The advantages of our products and services are time-tested and respected in important industries.

Pipe Plug Models

Our pipe plug models are standardized, but we can custom fabricate parts to meet specific design specifications. Below are two popular models and the benefits they have once installed. We have these parts in inventory, making it easy to source them quickly.

Bug Screen Protector Plug – This dynamic fitting keeps containments from entering pipes that are used in production facilities. The screens are effective at permitting airflow while preventing large debris and pests from entering a closed system.

Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs – These cost-effective, positive sealing fittings extend the life of heat exchange tube bundles. Easy installation and sourcing of this fitting further adds to its practicality. We offer this fitting in different sizes and materials, giving operators a plug that meets the specific needs of their production facility.


We use a variety of materials including 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and special alloys. As a result, clients can order pipe plugs for a variety of projects and specifications. Custom materials are available, matching precision machining processes with the toughest materials on the market. The net result being pipe plugs for demanding environments, such as in oil, gas and petroleum refining facilities.

Industries Served

We serve chemical processors, aerospace engineers and semiconductor manufacturers as well as others engaged in sophisticated businesses. Precision instrumentation, refrigeration devices and hydraulic machines benefit from our fittings, valves and pre-setting tools. Manufacturers leverage our parts to create state-of-the-art production facilities. Given that we are an integral part of the supply chain for vital industries, we focus on product quality and customer satisfaction.

Sour Gas Components

Contaminants, corrosives and abrasives are common in sour gas environments, which is why our pipe plugs are built for durability. Tight, reliable pipe joints and plugs are essential for protecting products, equipment and personnel, which is why our products meet industry quality standards. We offer clients multiple options in terms of pressure tolerances and materials, to optimize their sour gas environment and maximize productivity.

Why Hy-Lok?

We are an industry leader in valves, fittings, pre-setting tools and components used throughout Canada. The companies we serve operate gas, oil and petroleum businesses. They also engage in auto, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food production activities. Given the importance of these industries and our commitment to quality, we offer warranties on our products and ensure they adhere to applicable quality standards. We even expedite shipping to minimize downtime in clients’ facilities.

To learn more about pipe plugs and our ordering process, please contact Hy-Lok today. We have the parts selection and quality clients need keep operations productive. Our pipe plugs meet industry standards and withstand the pressures of repeated use in high-volume environments.