Maximizing System Integrity: Advantages of Hy-Lok’s Integral Double Block & Bleed Valves

For over 40 years, Hy-Lok has been an industry leader in manufacturing and supplying high-quality fitting and valve solutions for a range of industries across the world. Hy-Lok has developed a global reputation for consistently manufacturing products with high levels of quality, design, performance, and system development.

Hy-Lok manufactures Integral Double Block & Bleed Valves as an alternative to multi-valve systems and is specifically designed to provide a compact installation for gauge and transmitter instruments. Integral double block and bleed valves are superior to multi-valve systems because of advantages like reduced weight and minimum leak paths; these valves create higher system integrity and performance to meet even the most demanding applications.

Applications of the Integral Double Block & Bleed Valve

The most complex issues often require simple solutions; the integral double block and bleed valve is a clear example. As the instrument is in one piece, leak points are significantly reduced, liquids and gases are easily isolated, and blocking the flow for maintenance purposes is a simple process.

Applications of the Integral Double Block & Bleed Valves include: gauge isolation, instrument drain, chemical injection connection, sample connections, chemical seal instrument isolation, and piping and instrument interface. For ease of use, the valve can be directly or remotely mounted on instruments.

Notable Features of the Integral Double Block & Bleed Valve

Other notable features include tough handles made of rugged 316 stainless steel with low torque that will not rust in offshore services. The handles are colour-coded for function identification. The positive stop pin ensures an absolute 90-degree angle because the machined anti-vibration spline holds the pin in place.

The high-performance seats offer greater processing compatibility with high levels of seat integrity for high and low pressures but restrict creep or distortion in service. Hy-Lok’s approach to high-performance seats achieves greater levels of seat integrity at both high and low pressures, offering greater processing compatibility. The double block and bleed valves are available for sour services as they resist sulphide stress corrosion cracking.

Hy-Lok’s Performance-Engineered Valves

Hy-Lok Canada manufactures a complete range of Integral Double Block & Bleed Valves in three distinct configurations:

  • Modular Valve: Contains ball and globe-style needle valves, flange and threaded connections, and an integrally forged body.
  • Monoflange Valve: lobe-style needle valves, flanged and threaded connections, and a slimline integrally forged body.
  • Root Valve: Features ball and globe-style needle valves, weld or threaded connections, direct connection to the vessel, and an integrally forged body.

40-Year Legacy of Quality

Hy-Lok is one of the few manufacturers capable of designing, manufacturing and distributing custom-fabricated valves. We have the technical ability and resources to develop bespoke products for even the most demanding or unusual applications, including working with exotic materials.

With our supreme manufacturing capabilities, we can meet a client’s exact specifications because providing exceptional customer service is a top priority. All Hy-Lok products, whether stock or custom, can be configured to meet a variety of specific requirements for additional ease of convenience. For added user security, all Hy-Lok products are 100% traceable, ensuring the consistent quality of the product.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Before shipping, all Hy-Lok products undergo a series of stress tests at full-rated pressure, including hydrostatic and pneumatic seat tests. We are committed to producing high-quality products that prioritize user safety and satisfaction.

Hy-Lok’s rigorous testing methods ensure the product’s optimal performance, efficiency, and overall suitability for use across operating conditions.

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