Learn Why Our Medium Pressure Valves Are Trusted Worldwide

Hy-Lok Canada is a leading producer and supplier of medium pressure valves. We help you take on the job with high-performance medium pressure valves that give you the safety and security you need. With our vast range, we offer medium pressure valves for every application. Keep reading to learn more about our impressive selection of valves, as well as our history of supplying experts like you with high-quality products.

Range of Medium Pressure Valves

Hy-Lok Canada isn’t just an industry leader. We are also proud to supply you with various products, including valves that fit multiple medium-pressure applications. Hy-Lok Canada boasts one of North America’s most extensive inventories, servicing experts in numerous industries. We are proud to provide our trusted, high-quality products to sectors including the chemical, micro-electronic, and pharmaceutical industries, and many more.

Our selection of medium pressure valves include:

With our impressive range of medium pressure valves, we promise a product that works safely and efficiently when properly applied. Hy-Lok’s medium pressure valves can be easily configured to suit the needs of diverse applications better. These innovative valve solutions can be manually operated, solenoid-operated or motor actuated, using in-line, sub-based, or manifold configurations depending on your preference.

Common applications for our valves include aerospace, pneumatic, hydraulic, refrigeration, instrumentation, and compressor manufacturing. Our products are also used in research facilities all over the world.

Reliable Quality

Hy-Lok has been a trusted leader in valve and fitting solutions for over 40 years. Our incredible selection of products has serviced multiple industries and has been staples in worksites across the world. Our global impact has secured us as a reliable partner to experts working globally in sectors that need safe, innovative technology to get their job done.

Supported by our fail-safe warranty, our products are tested with the highest standards in mind. Hy-Lok products are also created using materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and Alloy 400 to ensure utmost quality and efficiency. We make sure to adhere to all certification and standard requirements and prioritize you and your crew’s safety.

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