Hy-Lok’s SV & SVH Series High-Pressure Needle Valves

Needle valves provide precision fluid control as demanded by the plumbing, automotive, chemical, medical, and other industries. Using a top-quality component for high-pressure applications will allow precise control in your fluid system without compromising safety or creating hazards during operation.

Since 1977, Hy-Lok has been driven to provide our customers with high-performance products while also offering competitive pricing and unbeatable value. Our SV and SVH Series needle valves are engineered for high-pressure applications, providing the performance you need at a competitive price. Read on to learn more about Hy-Lok’s range of high-pressure needle valves add value to your operation.

Getting the Most From Your Fluid System

Hy-Lok Canada offers two complete lines of high-pressure needle valves suitable for any application or fluid system. Our NV and SV series valves are direct drop-in replacements for Swagelok and other manufacturer products, offering superior value and reliable performance for any operation. Key features include:

  • Pressure rating up to 6000psig (SV series) or 10,000psig (SVH series) at temperatures up to 1200ºF (with graphite packing).
  • Manufactured using top-quality SS316, alloy 400, and carbon steel (SVH series only).
  • Stainless steel handles available for maximum durability.
  • PTFE packing standard, with graphite available (SVH series only)
  • Choose the best stem tip for your needs, including vee, soft-seat, and ball.
  • Variety of available sizes and end connections, including Hy-Lok/Swagelok tube fittings, male/female NPT threads, and male/female ISO threads.

Hy-Lok Canada’s dedicated forges and manufacturing facilities also custom-fabricate components for unique and challenging applications. With numerous materials and temperature/pressure ratings available, we’re proud to offer high-quality, durable valves engineered for seamless integration into any fluid system.

Built to Serve Canada

With an extensive network of distributors across the country, Hy-Lok is proud to provide high-pressure needle valves to a diverse range of customers across Canada. Our nationwide inventory allows us to distribute top-quality components from coast to coast, no matter how tight the deadline or remote the location. No matter what your fluid system needs, your operation can rely on Hy-Lok to supply high-performance fittings for operations across Canada.

Looking for High-Pressure Needle Valves?

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