Hy-Lok’s 100% Interchangeable Components Work With Your System

Choosing parts for your worksite can be complicated when your inventory includes components from different manufacturers. Hy-Lok makes this problem disappear with the interchangeability feature on all of our fittings.

Unlike our competitors, Hy-Lok has specifically designed our fluid systems components to be 100% interchangeable with other parts, saving you time and money. Read on to learn more about our fully interchangeable products.

100% Interchangeable

Adding convenience for our customers is important to us, so we’ve removed any potential consistency issues in your system components. Instead, enjoy seamless integration and easy installation with our smartly designed, innovative components. Making sure our components are 100% interchangeable with other manufactures’ parts is a large part of giving you optimal convenience.

Our fluid system parts work with manufacturer components such as Swagelok, With compatibility that you can rely on, your current system can function perfectly without any disruptions. Dealing with disruptions can be costly and time-consuming, and there is also the added threat of a dangerous leak that can cause significant harm. You can avoid any dangerous delays due to leakage by choosing Hy-Lok Canada for your compatible components.

Trust Hy-Lok Canada’s 100% interchangeable components to prevent any onsite issues. As a reliable, high-quality choice, Hy-Lok’s fittings can make your job site as seamless and efficient as possible.

Expert Service Every Time

Hy-Lok has worked since its founding in 1977 to provide the best in fluid systems components for industries across the world. As the industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of our products, we have consistently ensured top quality and service to customers like you.

Whether you work in the biotechnical industry or the oil and gas industry, Hy-Lok Canada is equipped with the experience and expertise to make your worksite better and safer. Hy-Lok has engineered all of our fittings, valves, and other components to bring you the highest performance and quality on the market. As the preferred manufacturer and supplier by industry leaders across the world, Hy-Lok is proud to set the bar for greatness with our innovative, reliable fluid system components.

As manufacturers, we are also able to configure and adapt our components to fit your applications. Work with us to guarantee the most efficient components possible for your application. We are able to bring you dependable parts so that your system can work flawlessly without any costly, time-consuming hiccups.

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