High-Pressure Needle Valve from Hy-Lok Canada

Needle valves are commonly used in many industries as they accurately control the flow rates of liquids and clean glass. The use of high-pressure applications has increased the demand for high-pressure needle valves as they provide safe and efficient fluid operation in industrial machinery and components. Learn more about high-pressure needle valves below!

Needle Valves 101

Similar to shutoff valves, needle valves are designed to regulate, start and stop the flow rate within any fluid control pipeline or system. Unlike shutoff valves, they have a unique needle design that features a long tapered point at the end of the valve system. Needle valves also consist of a small handle or a hand wheel that helps control the flow of fluid as it moves the position of the plunger. Given their small structure, needle valves are commonly used with precise applications that require constant flow calibration. Industrial applications used in plumbing, chemical, medical, automotive and other related industries heavily rely on needle valves as they need precise fluid control.

How do Needle Valves Work

Like many other valves, needle valves can operate automatically or manually, depending on their design and the application used. For instance, the hand wheel is used to control the distance between the valve seat and the plunger in manually operated applications. By turning the hand wheel, the valve opens as the plunger lifts and allows the fluid to pass through. The hand wheel is then turned in the opposite direction to decrease the flow rate or close the valve as the plunger moves closer to the seat.

Where To Use Needle Valves

There are many applications that use needle valves to precisely control the flow of fluid. Applications that require certain material, size, temperature and pressure ratings often use high-pressure needle valves to control the flow of clean gas or fluid accurately. In many industries, needle valves are used to monitor the gas flow in a system as they not only control the flow of the gas accurately but also check the burn rate and ensure that the valve is completely shut off. Extensive applications use needle valves such as:

  • Dams
  • Power plants
  • Reservoirs
  • Water distribution systems

They are also used to regulate the flow in automated combustion control systems and to shut off pressure gauges in flow metering devices.

Hy-Lok High-Pressure Needle Valves

Explore Hy-Lok’s range of valves that are designed to regulate, direct and control the flow of fluid. We manufacture and supply shutoff valves, ball and plug valves, bellows valves, bleed and purge valves, high-pressure needle valves and more! We also custom-manufacture products according to your applications’ requirements and needs. One of the best features of Hy-Lok’s fluid system control components is that they are 100% interchangeable with Swagelok and many other manufacturers’ components.

Partner with Hy-Lok Canada

We aim to provide customers with reliable and efficient fluid system control components across North America. With our vast network of distributors, we are able to offer our partners expedited shipping when needed. Contact our team today to order your next batch of high-pressure needle valves, or visit our online inventory for more fluid control system components.