High Pressure Check Valves At Hy-Lok Canada

Prevent Dangerous Backflow With Check Valves

As a line of defence with fluid control systems that allow gasses and liquids to safely flow in a singular direction in order to preserve the integrity and function of your production line. Preventing backflow is a vital part of onsite safety, system efficiency, and extending the longevity of your components. Hy-Lok Canada is a proud producer of high-pressure check valves suitable for a wide range of applications, including the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, energy, and related sectors. Learn more about our products, as well as Hy-Lok Canada’s background, below.

High-Pressure Check Valves At Hy-Lok

Hy-Lok’s inventory includes a wide range of check valves available in many different sizes and cracking pressures. Our mechanical check valves can handle up to 6,000 psi and temperatures up to 600°F and are designed to handle the demands of regular use within the industrial sectors. Among our products you’ll find a diverse selection of welded check valves, compact check valves, poppet check valves, high-pressure check valves, and adjustable check valves. Valve end connection options include male / female NPT, Hy-Lok tube fittings, and metal gasket & O-ring face seals. Hy-Lok check valves are made with stainless steel, brass, and alloy 400 for superior performance.

About Hy-Lok Canada

Since 1977, Hy-Lok Canada has taken pride in producing components that uphold the highest of standards and performance capacity for fluid control systems. Our team seeks to consistently improve upon existing designs and to craft products that evolve alongside the demands of various applications, as well as current safety standards. To ensure our products are up to the tasks demanded of them, Hy-Lok Canada maintains a long list of domestic and international certifications and thoroughly tests components before they leave our factory.

Hy-Lok distributors maintain reliable access to our broad range of products. Our inventory includes a comprehensive selection of valves (including high and standard pressure check valves), fittings, and package solutions, each of which are suitable for a variety of different applications.

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