Get the Best in Tube Fitting Integration With Hy-Lok Canada

Integration is an essential feature in Hy-Lok’s extensive catalogue of fluid systems components. We offer tube fittings and adaptors that are high-performance and fit a range of applications. No matter your application needs, your industry or your deadline, Hy-Lok Canada is able to serve you. Keep reading to learn more about Hy-Lok’s high-quality tube fittings integration and adapters.

Tube Fitting That Get The Job Done

Hy-Lok is proud to have one of the most impressive inventories of tube fittings in North America. Not only do we offer a vast selection of products, but we also commit to high-quality that you can trust for safety and efficiency for your applications. Our tube fittings are created with SS316, brass, carbon steel, and other stellar source materials.

As a manufacturer and supplier, we are able to see our products through from the beginning. We make sure that our fluid system components are tested to get you the results you need every time. We are proud to deliver products that have passed all safety regulations and are certified on a variety of requirements. Some of our specifications include SAEJ514, DIN 2353, ECE R110, and EIHP, among others.

If you are looking for a specific tube fitting that fits your industry’s requirements, Hy-Lok Canada’s extensive catalogue is available for your operation. As experts in fluid system components, we are here to support you in getting excellent quality tube fittings that you can use confidently.

We also manufacture custom tube fittings for applications that are more complex and require unique equipment. We partner with experts like you to provide configured tube fittings that will best serve your specific requirements.

Our products are also interchangeable with swage lock, by lock, as locked, and several other manufacturers’ components so that you can still use all of Hy-Lok’s products without compromising on any other materials you have in your inventory. Our products work with other components to offer added convenience to our customers and more options if any replacements are necessary for the future.

Canada-Wide Service

Hy-Lok Canada is proud to offer coast-to-coast service to our customers. Hy-Lok distributors are located all over the country to bring fast and efficient fluid system components. We work to ensure that you stay on track and meet all your deadlines, no matter your location. Our excellent service is a significant feature of our company, and we aim to give you the best and most consistent support.

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