Explore the Benefits of Tube-to-Tube Connectors With Hy-Lok

We offer Tube-to-Tube Connectors made from high-grade materials that meet strict quality specifications. Hy-Lok is a respected brand in many sophisticated industries, because we supply reliable connectors that are adaptable to high-pressure environments. The benefits of our products enable clients to enhance production from a cost and quality perspective.

Tube-to-Tube Connectors

These types of connectors are ideal when tubes need a connection but do not require disconnection during the production process. Connectors facilitate the flow of fluids, allowing for a change in direction depending on the needs of operators. We offer connectors of various shapes and sizes made from different compositions. This gives our clients the flexibility needed to adjust operations for efficiency purposes, or to react quickly to emergencies within manufacturing processes.

Factors impacting the performance of connectors include temperature, pressure, flow rate and media. That’s why we have different variations of connectors in materials to match our clients needs. We also provide detailed design specs, so that clients can find the right connector depending on the production process. Impact strength, transparency, ozone resistance and many other capabilities are included with our Tube-to-Tube connectors. Our representatives can walk through all of the design features, so that clients understand how their productive capacity is enhanced.

What are the Benefits?

Cost-effective, versatile and easy to install, our Tube-to-Tube Connectors add value to clients’ operations every day. The lightweight and user-friendly design reduces the burden on maintenance professionals and technical operators, while making parts inventory easier to manage. Our connectors are backed by a warranty and quality guarantee, because our clients operate in sophisticated and precise environments.

Connector benefits include:

  • Enhanced cycle life
  • Applications in specialized environments
  • Adaptability to flow rates
  • Tolerance to extreme temperatures

Available Materials

We offer connectors made from 316 stainless steel or brass, with seal O-rings made of NBR, FFKM, Neoprene, or Ethylene Propylene. We offer three series of quick connectors, the Q series, Keyed Q series, and QF series, to best suit the needs for fluid control and valve solutions for all clients. We can evaluate clients’ requirements and recommend the optimal connector solutions, helping clients source products they can trust.

Why Hy-Lok?

We take pride in the quality of our designs and product lines, while making customer service and reliability a priority. We integrate well into clients’ supply chains, offering a variety of valves, fittings, connectors and pre-setting tools at affordable prices. We also expedite shipping when needed, so that clients can maintain operations, replace old parts and minimize downtime. When we partner with our clients, the benefits include greater efficiency and effectiveness for all stakeholders. There is no substitute for quality or for a supplier that delivers on time and within specifications.

Reasons to work with Hy-Lok:

  • Custom fabrication and orders
  • Dedication to customer service
  • Multiple distribution points across Canada
  • Robust and versatile inventory

For additional information on Tube-to-Tube (Double-Ferrule) Connections, please contact Hy-Lok today. We have the right selection and quality components for industrial applications. There is no better resource for fittings, valves, connectors and related products.