Cryogenic Needle Valve’s at Hy-Lok

Companies that work with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) heavily depend on cryogenic valves. They are popular in major industries such as natural gas, oil and gas, petroleum and chemical industries. Read on to learn more about cryogenic valves and how they differentiate from other standard valves in the fluid control system industry.

When To Use Cryogenic Valves?

Given the complexity of cryogenic gasses, they require unique valves that can efficiently function in temperatures starting as low as -45ºC and at a pressure rating as high as 750 psi. Since cryogenic valves are primarily used by plants that frequently use cryogenic temperature ranges starting as low as -160ºC, they are manufactured to function fully in freezing applications. While some gasses might not be labelled as “cryogenic” due to their temperature, they can still require cryogenic valves to transport and support them as they require more than a simple pressure component to compress their volume.

Cryogenic valves are imperative in many industrial applications as they are engineered to handle extremely sensitive gasses safely. Unlike standard valves, cryogenic valves are not heavily impacted by extreme temperatures as they do not expand or contract when exposed to hot and freezing conditions. They are designed to keep the seal air-tight and leak-free at extreme temperature and pressure rates. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of transporting and storing cryogenic gasses, industries strongly rely on cryogenic valves.

Hy-Lok Cryogenic Needle Valves Features and Benefits

Engineered to perfection, Hy-Lok cryogenic needle valves are manufactured to be used at pressures up to 300 psi and temperatures down to -196ºC. The stainless steel valves are manufactured and designed per the following standards to ensure their safety and efficiency in any fluid control system:

  • Body in accordance with ANSI B16.34
  • Flange Dimensions in accordance with ANSI B16.5
  • Welding Ends in accordance with ANSI B16.25
  • Fire Tested to API 6FA & API 607
  • Cryogenic Test in accordance with BS6364

Unlike other manufacturers, Hy-Lok’s cryogenic needle valve benefits include a metal seat to tighten the shut-off system, an anti-blowout proof system, a bolted extend bonnet, a self-aligning disc construction and a dust cap that also functions as a position indication as well. We have manufactured our cryogenic needle valve to ensure that clients receive a component with a long life cycle that is compact and easy to operate.

Hy-Lok Quality Control

During the manufacturing process of Hy-Lok cryogenic valves, a team of engineering specialists manufacture the valves under unique conditions in order to guarantee tight machining tolerances, meticulous material selection and high-quality surface. We are committed to the highest degree of safety and reliability as an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer.

Our quality control department ensures that all the specifications throughout the manufacturing process, including machining, cleaning, material acquisition, assembly, packaging and final inspection, are carefully maintained and thoroughly tested to accommodate the customer’s requirements. We also provide our customers with the opportunity to request complete material test reports to ensure that our manufacturing process is up to standard.

Quality You Can Trust

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