Carbon Steel Tube Fittings At Hy-Lok

Since 1977 Hy-Lok has made a name as one of Canada’s top manufacturers and suppliers of fluid system solutions, including a wide range of standard and non-standard components, valves, and more. With one of the most robust fitting inventories in North America and as well as access to our production team and an extended supply network that makes sourcing custom orders simple, finding the parts you need has never been easier. Our product line includes integral features vital addition to your fluid control systems, including a leading range of tube fittings. Learn more about our tube fittings, specifically the benefits of choosing our carbon steel finishing option, below.

Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok’s range of tube fittings have been designed and manufactured to meet the specifications required of a wide range of applications and industries, including ECE R110 compliance for NGV applications, and EIHP compliance for hydrogen purposes. Each Hy-Lok tube fitting contains four pieces: body, front ferrule, back ferrule, and nut. This design allows for leak-tight connection, and compensates for any tolerances in tube O.D., wall thickness, and more. Our tube fittings are available in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel for your convenience.

Our tube fittings offer a wide range of wall thicknesses, temperature, and pressure ratings and are suitable for a diverse selection of applications including oil and gas, petrochemical, oil refineries, power generation, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, micro-electronics, and more. From harsh temperature demands like -425°F to 1200°F to standard everyday use, Hy-Lok’s tube fittings have you covered.

What Are the Benefits of Carbon Steel?

While stainless steel may be one of the most popular alloys used in the manufacturing of components due to its durability and easy to clean nature, carbon steel has plenty of benefits when it comes to tube fittings, especially for those in the industrial sector. Stronger than stainless steel, carbon components work well in demanding environments that may otherwise damage other alloys and comes in low, medium, high and ultra-high carbon content. Additional benefits of carbon steel components include:

  • Durable: Carbon steel is extremely durable and shock-resistant. This makes it a popular choice for construction, for use in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, forestry, and other heavy-duty. Carbon steel is also not prone to rotting as many other metals are.
  • Safe: Compared to many other materials, steel is safe to handle and work with.
  • Green: One often overlooked factor is that carbon steel is easy to recycle compared to many other materials, making it environmentally friendly.
  • Economical: Carbon steel can be made very thin compared to other metals. This makes it very cost-effective for manufacturing and purchasing.
  • And many more.

Want To Learn More?

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