Canada’s Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Weld Fittings

The fluid and control system industry relies significantly on weld fittings as they play a crucial role in almost every fluid system. Weld fittings are used to safely assemble valves, pipes and other equipment onto piping systems under high pressure and temperature conditions. In order to regulate the flow or measure the flow in any fluid system, you need reliable, high-performance stainless steel weld fittings to ensure accuracy.

Hy-Lok Canada has been Canada’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fitting solutions for fluid and control systems across many industries. Our extensive inventory allows us to fulfill all your instrumentation system needs throughout Canada. Read on to learn more about our weld fittings below.

Coast-to-Coast Service

Hy-Lok Canada proudly manufactures and supplies instrument weld fittings and high purity fittings across Canada, with a vast network of distributors in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario. Our range of fittings is easy to access through our online inventory as we provide you with all the necessary specifications and measurements you need. With Hy-Lok’s expedited shipping, you can rely on us to get you the parts you need in no time.

Solutions For All Applications

Hy-Lok Canada manufactures all components in-house, where we guarantee top-quality manufacturing, safe and reliable range of materials and performance you can trust, even under the most extreme conditions. Our instrument weld fittings are made from stainless steel, and our inventory includes:

  • Female/Male Connectors
  • Female/Male Elbow
  • Pipe Weld to Tube Socket Weld
  • Union/ Union Cross/ Union Elbow/ Union Tee
  • And more!

We are also able to customize fittings that comply with your specifications upon request.

Like all Hy-Lok components, our instrument weld fittings have been rigorously tested under extreme conditions to ensure reliability and performance. With the ability to withstand pressure ratings up to 10,000psig and temperatures ranging from -325ºF to 1200ºF, Hy-Loks instrument weld fittings are widely used in almost all fluid systems.

In the fluid and control system industry, it is not uncommon for components to malfunction or break down, which is why at Hy-Lok, all our fittings are 100% compatible with Swagelok, S-Lok, Bi-Lok and other manufacturers’ components to ensure hassle-free integration. Many of our stainless steel fittings are designed to directly replace all major suppliers in order to avoid production delays due to delayed shipping or lack of inventory.

Why Hy-Lok Canada?

When partnering with Hy-Lok Canada, you are guaranteed top-quality performance and high-quality fittings for all your fluid system needs. We offer our clients valves, connectors, and pre-setting tools at an affordable price while maintaining dependable quality.

Contact our team today and partner with Canada’s leading supplier of all fluid system valves and fittings.